‘Justice League’ Spoilers: Why Did Joss Whedon Take Over From Zack Snyder?

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The sequence in which the team fight Steppenwolf under the tunnel appears to have been completely retooled, in some very strange ways. Some of the coolest moments from the trailer (including Wonder Woman operating as leader: "Don't engage alone, we do this together") have been cut or changed.

So, we lose Cyborg shooting debris while Flash looks on, no "I'm real when it's useful", no Cyborg mask, no Flash pushing a Parademon through a door into a wall, no "My turn" (which was changed to "I didn't bring a sword", urgh).

Instead, we got that horrific bit where Flash falls on to Wonder Woman's boobs because Whedon didn't learn his lesson from that bit where Bruce Banner falls on Black Widow's boobs in Age of Ultron that basically everyone hated. Yay?

The League has a meeting

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The first proper meeting of the League appears to have been completely retooled by Whedon, and it's the first sign that he completely changed the Superman narrative (pretty much every shot of Superman in this film has a wobbly lip, which means his dialogue was totally redone).

Gal Gadot was clearly only available on a different day for close-ups, as you can see Gadot has been replaced by a stand-in for the wides.

Resurrecting Superman


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This is roughly the same as Snyder's intended cut structurally, with significant reshoot changes. For instance, we assume we would have had Superman come back from the dead in the comic-referencing black suit we were promised on Henry Cavill's Instagram in this scene.

Also, sources say a Cyborg premonition sequence – which would have played just before the team enacted the whole 'bring Superman back from the dead' plan – would have happened here.

It would have tied the plot more closely to the Knightmare sequence from BvS, suggesting that this is the evil Superman from that vision.

The subsequent fight between Superman and the League was all Snyder, but would have run longer, taken place at dusk, and would have involved more collateral damage. (Cyborg's cut "You should probably move" line is from this scene.)

However, everything Superman says (including the "Do you bleed?" line, which makes no sense – of course Batman bleeds, he's human, the original line was commenting on Superman's alien otherness, but WHATEVER) is Whedon's.

There are rumours that Superman's return / joining the team would have involved callbacks to both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, but were cut to distance Justice League from those divisive films.

That beautiful farm scene

We lost that lovely sequence from the trailer, and instead got some awful dialogue about Superman smelling good and death being itchy. Yay?

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