'A Wrinkle In Time' Cast Covers Time's New Issue Together

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A Wrinkle in Time‘s >Oprah Winfrey

, >Reese Witherspoon

, >Mindy Kaling

, and newcomer >Storm Reid

are on the cover of >Time‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the cast had to share with the mag:

Oprah, on making the movie: “I felt like we were making the new Wizard of Oz for another generation.”

Reese, on director >Ava DuVernay

wanting a diverse cast: “I’ve never seen somebody demand inclusiveness like that. It’s just a different perspective, and you don’t get that unless we start to have powerful filmmakers of different colors, different genders. You’re just gonna have the same 20 dudes making the same 20 movies over and over and over again.”

Storm, on why she wanted to be in this movie: “Before I got this role, I wanted there to be more little girls that look like me on TV and in lead roles.”

For more from the cast, visit Time.com.

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'A Wrinkle in Time' Cast Covers Time's New Issue Together
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