'Hunger Games' Fans Tweet Displeasure Over Black Actors

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People need to learn to have patience and explain things. Ignorance does not mean stupid, it means please take the time to understand where I come from, and then use an approach to educate me in a way that I understand. White people do not realize that their race is all over the tv, movies, etc. They don't notice because it doesn't stand out as different then themselves. I hear white people upset because black people have BET. They have BET because almost every other channel is WET. White people have never been exposed to racism towards themselves. They are also afraid to be proud of being white because race is such a touchy subject. Black people need to take the time to explain why/how the issue is racist. It is perfectly fine if the viewer's imagination had pictured something different than the characters. I would even go as far to say, it is perfectly fine to imagine the charcter being your own race if you want. It however, is not fine to post that you are upset because of this. There is no reason to be upset that the film portrayed the book's description. To go along with this issue, white people also don't understand that saying the N word because they hang out with black people who say the N word isn't always okay. Also, just because you hang out with black people who say the N word and they don't mind if you do..that doesn't mean you can say it around EVERY black person. That is racist. On the other hand if a black person hears a white person say the N word jokingly, but you find it offensive, tell them the first time they say it. Do not allow them to say it once and let it slide and then if they say it again you freak out. You are giving them mixed signals. Then they will assume you are "choosing" when to play the "race" card. Nipping the issue in the butt, but patiently explaining the first time that you don't find it appropriate should get throught to them. The only exposure some white people have that affects them negatively is when somebody gets a job before them that is a minority. They feel it is unfair. They do not understand that it takes GENERATIONS of change before people will actually be equally. White people had the chance an education generations ago. People who have more of an eduation typicall get paid more, which means they can afford better housing. Better housing means better schools systems, and thus the cycle continues...most of the white people commenting negatively I almost guarntee are low income and come from poor school districts. The reason I day this is because some of the exposure they get to racism is minority scholarships. When applying to college they feel it is unfair that minorities can get certain scholarships they can't. See how that would make them think minority specific things are unfair? Really these programs are to help equalize the playing ground. I really hope that people take the time to stop fueling the fire, and realize that the people posting are probably uneducated with negative fews of minorities, so why don't we take the time to explain why what they are commenting is wrong instead of insulting them and making them shut down to your reasoning?

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Source : http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/26/hunger-games-fans-tweet-displeasure-over-black-actors/

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