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White Russians. My Little Pony. Tarot Cards. As beauty brands prove time and again, inspiration can strike from just about anywhere. So when NYX teased its upcoming pastel makeup collection, “I Love You So Mochi,” in an Instagram post, most took it as an ode to the Japanese rice cake. Pretty straightforward, right?

Well, not if you’re a die-hard BTS fan. As Allure points out, followers of the K-pop group have given Jimin the nickname “Mochi” because of his cute, boyish appearance and the way his cheeks look when he pouts. (Which he does, >a lot.) So, of course, fans of both BTS and NYX were over the moon about the announcement and took to the comments to express their joy.

“Did you just name some makeup using the same nickname as one of the members in BTS,” wrote one commenter “…. AMAZING!”

A post shared by NYX Professional Makeup (@nyxcosmetics) on Nov 27, 2017 at 9:21am PST

Another piped in, “But all I can think about is Jimin.”

Considering the boys of BTS are already partnering with VT Cosmetics on their very own beauty line (an upcoming collection of SPF cushion compacts) we’re pretty sure “mochi” in this case simply refers to the rice cakes. They’re also strewn throughout the Instagram post — and the shadows and highlighters appear to have the same squishy texture — in case it wasn’t clear.

But that didn’t stop fans from snatching up those frosty palettes faster than you can say “Not Today.” Every last one of the products, which were available for a brief flash sale on Monday, sold out in a fluttery heartbeat. How’s that for super fandom?

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BTS Fans Are Convinced This Makeup Collection Was Made For Jimin
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BTS Fans Are Convinced This Makeup Collection Was Made For Jimin
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