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Sue Kroll, the former head of marketing at Warner Bros who stepped down this week amid a shakeup in the wake of the box office failure of Justice League and in the shadow of an AT&T merger, has denied hating superhero movies and claims to be proud of the marketing efforts for Justice League. According to a report from sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip blog The Wrap, Kroll was accused by a source of having a tough time marketing the beleaguered film due to a hatred of superhero movies. However, Kroll denies the charges, calling them “simply not true.”

“I love superhero movies,” Kroll countered. “I’ve always considered it an honor to market films that fans feel so passionately about.”

Even more shockingly, Kroll stated that the track record of Warner Bros’ marketing efforts, which failed to make Justice League profitable and consisted of months of bad press followed by negative reviews of the film, ultimately leading disgruntled fans to demand that Warner Bros release a

Zack Snyder cut of the movie, “stands for itself.”

“I think our track record stands for itself,” Kroll continued. “As for the Justice League campaign, I stand behind everything we did. It was a strategic and creative campaign, and I am immensely proud of the work done by all of us.”

The campaign consisted largely of releasing dimly lit photos of the Justice League, sans Superman, standing in front of doorways, followed by some more colorful posters later on, the launch of a website, and ongoing reports of Ben Affleck’s looming departure from the role of Batman. Unfortunately, none of that panned out in terms of box office receipts.


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Belligerent Sue Kroll Denies Hating Superhero Movies, Is Proud of Justice League Campaign
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