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"Such a credit program, if well crafted, would stand on solid legal ground," four professors, including Stanford Law's Joseph Bankman and Chicago Law's Daniel Hemel, wrote in an op-ed in Slate. "Republicans in Congress chose to pass a tax bill that would transfer hundreds of billions of dollars to multinational corporations and their shareholders while making it harder for states and localities to raise revenue for education, public safety, and other essential needs. It is entirely appropriate for state and local governments to push back against this attack.", Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News News News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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California has a plan to skirt the GOP tax law. IRS veterans say it is likely doomed.
GOP tax overhaul passes House with help from a dozen California Republicans, even some facing tough reelection battles
California House Republicans must defend Californians by killing the tax bill
Republicans face first test of tax cuts' power to sway voters
Senate approves Republican tax bill in 51-48 vote after it clears the House
California, New Jersey and New York Republicans vote AGAINST tax bill over deductions for state and local taxes – and Trump fails to convince a single Democrat to back it
Berkshire Hathaway gained $29B from GOP-led tax legislation
House of Representatives passes GOP tax bill; senate to vote later today
GOP tax bill slashes rates for corporations and wealthy with smaller benefits for middle class
Albert R. Hunt: Republican candidates face dilemma on Trump
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