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...if its made by asians..came from asia...and the language is asian to start with..i kinda think its suppose to be an asian concept..unless the creator says other wise..Akira Toriyama is the only person that really knows..AND the Dragon Ball series is an adaptation of a asian folk novel "Journey to The West" and i would like to see finally an asian leading actor for an asian concept movie..and a white person having an asian name never sounds right..anyways this movie is nothing even close to the anime/manga..if u seen the leaked trailer online now and read about how the movie is going to be like..ull understand that it isnt Dragon Ball..this movie is just a mixture of Smallville, Spider-Man, The Matrix, The Forbidden Kindom, and Power Rangers.. Smallville - alien from another planet with super human abilites Spider-Man - unpopular high school teen who's love intrest is a popular girl as always Matrix - the prophecy about being "The One" The Forbidden Kingdom - Journey to save the world with asian side kicks and asian master(s) Power Ranger - the bad effects and explosions, and low budget martial arts fighting style im gonna tell you guys a little part about how this movie is going to look like.. The thing that makes Goku a "saiyan" is his tail..and the only time he ever had a tail was when he was a child..and its the only thing that makes him and the others a "Saiyan"..because of the tail, it has the effect to give them there true power to transform into an "Oozaru" or giant monkey/baboon whenever they look or glance at the FULL MOON even for a millisecond..but in the movie they seem to make it that "Saiyans" can transform into a eight foot person/beast when looking at an elcipse instead of a full moon Without their tail... and this is just a tiny Tiny TINY part of the movie..theres a lot of things that have been changed..if u think about it..this is more like a dragon ball z about Gohan and Videl..cause of Gohan being in high school and looking at the picture of Chi-Chi in the Offical Pictures. she is wearing clothes that are similar and resembles to Videl with the loose white shirt and tight black pants.. this movie only has the so called title and just the characters names..thats the only thing that seems to convince people that this is Dragon Ball..the title isnt even right Dragon Ball is two words not one..and the entire script is off im believing that fox are having some rights issues with the entire thing..thats why they have changed so that they cant get sued for plagiarizing

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