Has Hollywood Lost Touch With American Values?

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I've lived and traveled many places in the U.S. Not only is Hollywood out of touch, so is most of urban California. Both exist in a bubble. A place where insular thought feeds on one another. The only difference Hollywood has over most other places is they have been historically given a bully pulpit to speak from. One of the takeaways from The Donald's election is a repudiation of this stage. A formal rejection that a large part of America is tired of the Clooneys of the world telling us how to think and upbraiding us for daring to hold beliefs different than their fascist view of the world. 

Finally the news narrative of overcovering those incredulous sky is falling anti-Donaldites were never explored when a freshman senator with almost NO real world work experience who won a Nobel peace prize within one year of election was voted into office. That double standard speaks directly to how out of touch the Hollywood Liberal California 'industrial complex' really is.

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Source : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-hollywood-values-updates-20170105-htmlstory.html

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