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"You need to take a long and hard look at why you broke up," Hokemeyer says. "Not being ready to be in a relationship is a whole lot different than being in a relationship with an emotionally or physically abusive partner."

If a relationship ended because of abuse, it's healthier to stay out of it. But if one or both of you were emotionally not ready, there's potential to come back to that relationship more prepared. In the case of Bieber and Gomez, the two started dating when they were very young—as teenagers, in fact. It's safe to assume they've both done some growing up.

After the 'why,' you need to think about the 'what' and 'how,' Hokemeyer says. The 'what' is the reason the break-up happened. "There's a spectrum here from immature and petty complaints like 'she didnt like watching baseball' to major breaches in trust like infidelity and compulsive lying," Hokemeyer says. Silly, immature reasons can be overcome.

The 'how' is exactly how the break-up happened, which can tell you a lot about the maturity level of both people involved. "Did it occur respectfully, or was it undertaken though passive aggressive or outright aggressive means?" Hokemeyer says you should ask yourself. (If you broke up for the right reasons and still can't get over her, here's the ultimate guide for getting over a break-up.), index News of business criminal law politics soccer sports celebrity lifestyle video images in the world and the world today.

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