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On a late summer evening, Aaron Sorkin wandered into a pizza shop, folded himself into a counter seat and ordered a plain slice, with a Pepsi to wash it down. He was stomach-grumbling hungry and in need of a distraction.

Down the street, at the Toronto Film Festival, his poker thriller Molly's Game was playing for the first time before a crowd of some 1,500 festivalgoers. Sorkin didn't need to be in his reserved seat at the Elgin Theatre to know exactly where in his film the audience was. He took a knife and fork to his slice — "a mortal sin if you grew up in New York," he acknowledges, but he couldn't risk a spill on his premiere-night suit — and began, in real time, running through the movie, the first in his three-decade career as Hollywood's most celebrated and scrutinized screenwriter that he directed as well as wrote.

"Did I ever change that thing I wanted to change?" he panicked. "That sound right there of the skate on the ice, did we get that right?" His mind raced, concerns ping-ponging between the response of the audience and that of the film's inspiration, the infamous poker princess Molly Bloom, who was seeing the fictionalized retelling of the bleakest chapter of her adult life play out for the first time in a packed theater.

"I was very nervous," Sorkin says more than a month later, seated in his dimly lit office on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, surrounded by framed photographs of his heroes: Arthur Miller, George Bernard Shaw, Tennessee Williams and Hunter S. Thompson. Dressed in his uniform khakis and a button-down shirt, his eyes gaze toward the window: "I'm still very nervous."

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Source : https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/aaron-sorkin-goes-script-fears-critics-his-private-battles-behind-mollys-game-1062019

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