Homeland Star Mandy Patinkin's Journey From Fictional Chaos To Refugee Advocacy

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Patinkin's longevity in the role is also a testament to the show's stunning writing. Since its premiere in 2011, Homeland has won eight Emmys, five Golden Globes, awards from the Writers, Directors and Producers guilds and the Peabody Award for excellence.

Homeland's success in in part due, Patinkin says, to both "its mirror to current events, but more so because of the nature of how they framed the current event in a dramatic story that has a kind of simplicity for me as a consumer, even though I'm also in the kitchen, that allows me to marry it to my imagination," he says.

"If I rely on just the current real state of events, which is in sort of a state of chaos and fear and hate-mongering to make you avoid paying attention to the most vulnerable among us all over the world, who really need attention, both at home and abroad, then we've lost the reason to be alive."

It is for that reason that Patinkin has for the last couple of years spent his summer production break in Greece working with the waves of Syrian refugees who have engulfed parts of the Greek islands on their way into Europe as they flee the devastation of war in their own homeland.

It began, Patinkin says, with a very simple thing: "Pay attention to the accidents of your life," he says, reflecting on the serendipity of finding himself filming an episode of Homeland set in a refugee camp at the same time as 150,000 refugees were making their way across the Balkan route through Europe.

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Homeland star Mandy Patinkin's journey from fictional chaos to refugee advocacy
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