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I you @derickdillard Ladies, find someone who loves Jesus and takes care of you like this guy does me. He made dinner and had the room candlelit for our date tonight. After a stressful last hour leading up to kiddos bedtime (which got extended due to cranky babies not wanting to sleep! Ha!), @derickdillard you made me feel so cherished. #foodisgonecauseitwasthatgrest #lovemyhubby #heisbusybuthemakestimeforme #lovehimsomuch

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Is Derick Dillard Cheating on Wife Jill Duggar Dillard?!
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TLC dumps Jill Duggar’s husband after more transphobic comments
TLC Supports Jazz Jennings & Has ‘No Plans’ To Work With Derick Dillard After New Anti-Trans Attack
TLC Cuts Ties With Derick Dillard Over His Transphobic Jazz Jennings Tweets
Jill Duggar marries Derick Dillard
Duggar family's Derick Dillard shares cryptic post as TLC fires him for transphobic rant
TLC cut ties with Derick Dillard after his transphobic Jazz Jennings tweets
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