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Mark Wahlberg's movies might not all bring in the big bucks, but he sure does.

For that reason, Forbes has named the 46-year-old the most overpaid actor of 2017. Wahlberg was reportedly paid a whopping $68 million this year, before taxes.

His estimated salary for the year was over $10 million more than the worldwide gross of his Boston Marathon bombing film, "Patriots Day."

According to Forbes, three of Wahlberg's pre-June 1 wide release films brought in $4.40 for every $1 he was paid to appear in them. Among the films considered in this figure was "Deepwater Horizon," which raked in $121.8 million - just over $10 million more than the estimated $110 million it reportedly cost to make.

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The publication noted that neither "Transformers: The Last Night" nor "Daddy's Home 2," both of which brought in more than $100 million, factored into the scoring because of their release dates.

Christian Bale was named the second most overpaid actor by Forbes for starring in "The Promise," the worst-performing wide release of 2017.

The film reportedly earned back just 11% of its $90 million production budget.

Not far behind him was Channing Tatum, whom Forbes reported brought in a tragic $7.60 for every $1 he was paid. The site credits the poor performance of "Logan Lucky," which grossed $46.7 million and cost $29 million to make, with his inclusion in the list.

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Wahlberg needn't wallow in his new, less-than-complimentary title.

In August Forbes named the Dorchester, Mass., native the highest paid actor of the year, edging out the previous year's winner Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson by a mere $3 million., set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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