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Mary J Blige receives her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. P Diddy unveiled the star to Queen Mary alongside Hollywood Chamber president and CEO Leron Gubler

— Dionne Grant (@DionneGrant) January 11, 2018

Singer Mary J. Blige cemented her status in Tinseltown with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, Jan. 11. Sean “Diddy” Combs and R&B megaproducers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were among those present to honor her.

“I’m so grateful for this star right now because I’ve earned it probably three times,” Variety reported Blige told attendees of the honor, which was granted on her 47th birthday. “I say that with confidence and not arrogance. I say it because I know that now, and I know my worth, and what this means.”

Diddy praised the singer as a family member, according to NBC News. He also applauded how Blige, who has sold over 50 million albums, “moves people with not just with her voice but with who she is.”

Also in attendance was writer-director of the film “Mudbound,” which Blige starred in, Dee Rees and Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell.

“I am feeling like a proud musical father,” said Harrell, who founded the label to which Blige signed at 18. “Mary receiving a star on the Walk of Fame, is like Black women and little girls from around the world with a dream also receiving one.”

Many fans were happy for the nine-time Grammy winner and shared their thoughts online.

Me stifling tears while Mary J Blige thanks Angie Mar and Misa Hylton during her Walk of Fame speech.

— The Watts Girl (@so14below) January 11, 2018

Mary J. Blige getting a star on the Walk of Fame means so much. SO much. Talent, drive, perseverance, you can do it too.

Literally been thinking about it all day.

— #MeelzLive (@MeelzTV) January 12, 2018

Why is Mary j Blige just now getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame ?? Very overdue.

— TRÅVIS (@travisdimeer) January 12, 2018

Mary J. Blige getting a Star is really inspiring, like she’s a ghetto boogie down girl from the Bronx, to see them honor her & to see who Mary is today is glorious.

— ‎خليل (@TheKhalilCole) January 12, 2018

How in the hell as this only happened now??? Mary J. Blige has been releasing quality music consistently, throughout her many trials and tribulations, for decades. Should have had her star years ago, she’s one of the all time greats @maryjblige #MaryJBlige @WORLDSTAR #WSHH

— Raphael Wilson (@Raph689908) January 12, 2018, Forum discussion and sharing News from home and abroad. Starting from the ideological, political, economic, social and cultural.

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Mary J. Blige ‘So Grateful’ for Walk of Fame Star ‘Because I’ve Earned it Probably 3 Times’
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