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During the same week that it was announced that alleged pedophile

Kevin Spacey was being replaced in the already-finished movie “All the Money in the World,” and on the same day that

Louis C.K. admitted he sexually harassed women comedians and was subsequently dropped from every single contract in his life short of his mortgage, two of Hollywood’s most high-profile perpetrators of violence against women were appearing on the big screen in star-studded new movies.

Mel Gibson, fresh off an Oscar-nomination earlier this year for directing “Hacksaw Ridge,” starred in the comedy sequel “Daddy’s Home 2,” while Johnny Depp was a major part of the ensemble in

Kenneth Branagh’s remake of “Murder on the Orient Express.” Their crimes and offenses are well known: Gibson’s reputation precedes him, with a record of spousal abuse and spewing racial epithets, and Depp allegedly beat his ex-wife,

Amber Heard.

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Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp Flourish in Theaters While Hollywood Stars Fall Over Allegations
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