Mike Pence’s Wife Reportedly Finds Trump ‘Reprehensible,’ ‘Totally Vile’

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A former Trump campaign aide said that

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President

Mike Pence, thinks

President Trump is “totally vile.”

The Atlantic released a profile on Pence that ironically notes how the vice-president’s deference to Trump reflects the broader trajectory of the religious right. The piece especially focused on how Pence and Trump came together last year after warming up to each other, and the former had the chance to prove himself as an effective running mate.

During the campaign, some religious voters were surprised to see Pence apparently compromise his values to defend Trump’s various transgressions. Things changed quite a bit when Trump’s Access Hollywood video came out and altered the variables of the 2016 election.

As Trump bled support during the fallout from “pussygate,” there was a lot of discussion at the time about whether he should’ve dropped out of the race and allowed Pence to take over. Indeed, The Atlantic described how Pence approached the Republican National Committee to talk about usurping Trump as their candidate.

The Pence family was reportedly completely upset by Trump’s lewd comments, and a former campaign aide said Karen Pence was “disgusted” by the whole controversy.

“She finds him reprehensible—just totally vile,” the staffer said.

In the end, Trump refused to drop out of the race despite talks of a multi-million dollar buyout, so Pence went back to supporting the GOP nominee.

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Mike Pence’s Wife Reportedly Finds Trump ‘Reprehensible,’ ‘Totally Vile’
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