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Reeling from his divorce from Jane Fonda, French director Roger Vadim made his first American movie for MGM. It was studio’s desperate attempt to make a hip movie. Through today’s eyes it is really surprising in it’s blatant exploitation of tits and ass, fucking teenage highschool girls kind of morality. It can be viewed as silly fun harmless vintage sex comedy that offers a snapshot of a 70’s era. It’s so blatant about teachers having sex with students, teachers having sex with teachers. No studio would dare to make a film like this today.

In a California high school, a married teacher is the athletic coach and faculty advisor. He’s played by the Rock Hudson, oddly known in Hollywood for his homosexuality. He starts to have sex flings with his female students and eventually has to kill several of the girls to keep them quiet. There's also some sort of a subplot, not too clear, about Rock's relationship with a naive young student named Ponce, who is terribly embarrassed about matters relating to sex. Rock convinces incredibly beautiful Angie Dickinson (who rarely looked sexier than she does here), another teacher in the school, to seduce Ponce, or something, and she does, or something. Sequence is handled awkwardly, we're embarrassed.

It happens to be one of the very first major studio productions to feature lots of onscreen nudity, years before comedies like Animal House. It is a movie that is historic in its strangeness. Written and produced by Gene Roddenberry famous for creating Star Trek series.

The film reviews were mixed, and today the film seems to be either savagely attacked or surprisingly praised. A lot of film directors seem to tend to love the film: director John Landis, said “I kind of like it because it’s so outrageous”. Quentin Tarantino has notably singled it out as one of his all-time favorite films, sharing space right alongside films by Coppola or Martin Scorsese.

The beautiful Barbara Leigh — Elvis Presley’s girlfriend at the time shooting began — starring as Hudson’s wife, says that she knew from the beginning that he was gay, but it didn’t matter to her. She just thought it was a terrible waste of gorgeous man. Other actresses, who didn’t know Rock was gay, were hitting on him. Rock found it all very amusing., latest News Around the world presents the latest information of national, regional, and international, politics, economics, sports, automotive, and lifestyle.

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Pretty Maids All in a Row
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Pretty Maids All in a Row
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