Rant Against The Extra Average Black Woman

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@Shamika…..this is the problem that you’re not seeing unfortunately. When we point out the negative behavior, why is it considered being negative? And furthermore, why is it trivial when Black Men express their view points, no matter how hurtful it might seem to black women. I mean you all have had media, education, welfare, and all types of government policy on your side. Where has the assistance been for brothers? Do you know that in Morocco, that if a Woman went out here and had a child (burden) out of wedlock, that she would get no public assistance. Let me say that again. She would get no public assistance. Why? Because females are not as helpless as they like to think they are. They say Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships. Why? because she screwed around on her husband with the enemy. Think of all the death that ensued from just one woman not following protocol. This is why you should have basic rules in society concerning the behavior of women because women w/o rules has clearly shown us in this society has disastrous results. We are putting women’s rights over the needs of their own children by fighting against the fathers. Show me one child out here, who has never had a relationship with their father, who if given the chance, would not jump at the chance to do so. And if they wouldn’t it’s because the mother, if you can call her that, has dogged him out so bad, they really assume that what the mother has said about him is true. It’s not trivial BS when children have no clue where there father is. Sorry to tell you dear but sorry black women is not a stereotype, it is a reality. See we are not debating you on this because we know it to be true. And let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re right and Mack does need a therapy session. So what? You say that in a mocking tone as if that would make him weak. Once again showing the contempt a lot of black women have for black men expressing how they feel towards them and their behavior. I was dealing with this one particular black chick in 2008 and we were having an argument. So because I made a point she couldn’t refute, instead of her just accepting it, she replied “ok you made your point shut up damn.” She didn’t tell me that I made my point because she really respected it number, but only she recognized how silly it was for her to keep arguing because she made no sense. However, she didn’t respect the logic of it. Then when I blew up on her in the car (to the point I lost my breath) she later couldn’t understand why I got so heated. I said to her “I’m a Man, no woman should ever tell me to shut up. You will respect me. Period.” You know what her response was to me? She replied “I tell my sister to shut up all the time. And I didn’t know Men wanted respect.” Think about that for minute. She thought that the way she talked and dealt with her sister was the way she could deal with me. Problem one. Number two, she didn’t know Men wanted respect? Do you realize how self-absorbed you have to be to say something like that? Even when you call yourself offering “help” with the statement “hell that’s my career, feel free to hit me up, and your first session is on me “pro bono” you show that black woman BS we are talking about on this here topic. Since I’ve been making statements on topics on here, I’ve yet to see any women come from this angle from an initial standpoint. WOmen don’t come on here saying “brothers, what’s going on? What are we doing that’s making you’ll feel this way? What can we do on our part to get a place where we can co-exist with you all? If that’s really what you want since so many come on here claiming they want a black man. But you don’t do that. Your response as a Man is insulting because if your job is to counsel patients, then you must be horrible at it because I don’t see how mocking the patient can be seen as helpful to their healing process and I don’t suggest that black Men out here don’t need some healing (not sexual either) too at all because plenty are hurt. Show me a Man that doesn’t hurt or who hasn’t been hurt in any way and you are showing me a boy. You’re saying we have to put in the work to achieve finding a mate. Is that really real? With all these so-called remarkable sisters, you mean I have to put in an exorbitant amount of time to find a good one? Seriously? Why do you think there is a mail order bride industry? You think that’s just an accident? Why do you think the Adult Entertainment Industry is at such an all time high in terms of popularity? Why is porn so lucrative? Because it is clear that most of the females in this society are not good women. Hugh Hefner gets rewarded for selling pussy in a magazine, yet Men who would like to honor you’ll can’t because you’ll are not giving us shit to honor and then get vilified for speaking on it. So can you see why we are frustrated. But maybe I should fall in like the rest and just start going to the clubs and running through chicks. Maybe I would be happy then right? Because the brothers who do this damn sure seem happy to me. I remember when I got married at 22 and I used to come across black women. They would look at me weird because I was married. Some would even say “why you get married. You’re young. You got plenty of time. Why don’t you go and have fun.” These chicks were telling me to go out there and run through chicks. Are you kidding me? Hell it comes a point in time where even Men get tired of easy sex, although women can do it better than we can (see prostitution). I really doubt you have a clue as to what’s going on. Most people that tend to major in psychology tend to be crazy themselves and the industry itself to me is a sham within itself. We point fingers at black women because a lot of them are guilty of what we speak of. My arguments are always well-reasoned and not childish at all. I give historical evidence to back up what I say and from what I have seen on here brothers and sisters have confirmed what my eyes have shown me the past twenty years. You think loving our people is about some new york times best seller giving us the answer about how we can improve our lives (see purpose driven life). All of these books, that people are reading and buying and, making these people rich from, are not doing any good for people out here whatsoever. But you know what used to work in my great grandparents generation? Shame. Being a baby mama in their time was an abomination and this type of girl was the type who was the example for all of the other younger females as a warning to not allow themselves to be like her. Now women wear the term single mother as a badge of honor. As a WOman, you should be embarrassed to be a single mother. You should be embarrassed to have children without a husband. Our standards are sol low, in terms of women, we just like whatever. Who cares. But boy if you a Man, you got to be responsible, make all the money, be strong, sex you good, be your counselor, make up for your Dad not being there and a whole host of issues. I used to joke that women want Men to be their Oprah and Doctor Phil. This is how I know many of our people will not make it because it’s one thing for people on the outside to criticize. Then like most black people do make it a racial thing. However, when it comes from your own, the one who has went to school with you, the one who has lived in the projects with you, the one who has worked on your jobs with you calls you out for your behavior, then these things cannot be refuted. Hence the saying we “airing our dirty laundry.” I see children out here acting a fool. At my old school the other day, I saw a girl with metallic blue hari. A black chick on some ponk rock shit. Now mind you this is not high school but college. When I first started college in 99, it was a little bit more serious. This girl was in a higher education setting with metallic blue hair. Now, for all those individualists out here who wanna say “she has the right to do what she wants. Who are you to tell her she can’t dye her hair” let me make two points. First of all, you don’t have any rights that you don’t fight for. If someone gave you rights, then it means that you have been given a privilege or benefit, which is totally different than right. Secondly, technically she can dye the hair that’s cool. However, I have the choice of not wanting her apart of anything that concerns me. If a son of mine wanted to be with a piece of scum like that, I would not hesitate to disown him because there is no way in hell that I would let him inherit hard earn mine of mine to give to a troll like that. Why? Because I care about my legacy. Most of these females are so out of touch with basic values, legacy does not even cross their minds. Shamika your response is the typical response we get from black women out here who don’t care to see the mirror image reflection of themselves. It’s mighty funny how when people are seeing brothers fed up out here with these females who are well beneath the average, and speak on it, now we are supposed to calm down. Give peace a chance. Don’t point fingers at each other! Lol. Who else is supposed to get the criticism? And please don’t say whitey because that’s played out. Self-reflection can be painful, but it is necessary. This statement attributed to Socrates is powerful:

The Unexamined Life is not worth living.”

Even though he was Greek, I can agree with him. You’ll are gonna keep pushing the black man and keep pushing him and keep pushing him and one day you’re gonna look up and he will not be there to be pushed anymore. And if he does that, who will defend you all? You think you’re gonna run to white men? It’s interesting to note that when black women see that black men are looking at other ethnic groups as possible wives, the first one black women think they are gonna run too is white men. I have seen countless sites where black women are trying to get other black women to run to white dudes. I don’t see them with any sites exalting arab men, or chinese men, or hispanic men. Why are white men your first option? Because deep down a lot of you all want to be here. I mean brothers are exploring all other possibilities. Contrary to popular belief, brothers are not running to the arms of white girls. This is not undercover brother. Lol. Brothers are going to Philipines, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Africa, Europe, Colombia, Japan and a whole host of other places in the world. So who is more color struck: black men or women? And then to top it off, black women are doing it strictly to hurt brothers as well. I’m not saying that black women in some cases don’t find white men not to love and genuinely care for them. But I’m talking about the ones on these sites like this who talk about running in to the arms of a white man just because, in their minds, black men appreciate other ethnic women. Well we embrace all groups of women, and black women are only singling out white men, and not even dealing with the issue as to why we give up on them in the first place!!! I mean if a 250 pound white girl can get your man and you are a fine black chick with all the nice features, don’t you think it might be something that you’re doing? I mean we all agree with men it’s about the aesthetics with men, but some black men forego even the aesthetics and get with someone who is not pleasing to eye as some black women are. It’s real easy to chalk it to black men having secret desires to want to be with white women, and no doubt some do and that’s their choice. But it’s not true in every case and to me is just another way to deflect from you all the blame that you carry in driving your men away in the first place, and I mean the good ones too. The ones who run through you all are not complaining, it’s the ones who have to deal with the baggage after you have been ran through who are complaining. Just out of curiosity are you married yourself Shamika? And if not have you ever been and has any man ever asked you?

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Rant Against The Extra-Average Black Woman.
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