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What little credibility the official White House line may have had on the matter evaporated on Tuesday when FBI Director Christopher Wray addressed the Senate Intelligence Committee. Asked by Senator Ron Wyden about the agency’s handling of Porter’s background check, Wray informed the committee that the FBI submitted a partial report in March and had initially concluded its look into Porter in July of last year—follow-ups were then done in November and January.

Addressing reporters after Wray’s testimony, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted that the White House wasn’t lying at all. What Shah had meant to say wasn’t that Porter’s FBI background check wasn’t completed, but that the White House’s wasn’t. While the “FBI portion was closed, the White House personnel security office, who is the one to make the recommendation for adjudication, was not finished with their process; therefore, they did not make a recommendation to the White House,” Sanders said.

>While the president was hate-tweeting over Big Macs, Kelly lied about a sitting U.S. representative, called immigrants who didn’t sign up for DACA lazy, and in the case of Porter, failed to take action on a cut-and-dry situation.

This explanation doesn’t hold water, given that it is now abundantly clear that the White House was aware of the allegations against Porter well before last week. Furthermore, Porter was operating in a senior role on an interim—that is, not permanent—security clearance, which should have served as a waving red flag to his colleagues, including Kelly and Trump, that something was up. Added together with the White House’s inconsistent narrative of events, the fact that Porter himself has said that he gave Kelly a “full picture” of what would be in The Daily Mail story, and reports alleging that senior administration officials urged Porter not to resign but to “stay and fight,” and you have a pretty convincing portrait of a botched cover-up.

There are still a number of unanswered questions about the White House’s response to the allegations against Porter. It’s not clear, for instance, if Porter was fired or if he resigned. It’s not entirely clear when Kelly actually found out about the allegations, though it’s now obvious that whenever he did, it was months ago. But if that’s true, Kelly has yet to explain why he failed to act or why he said he was “shocked” in the wake of The Daily Mail’s story. Similarly, it’s not clear why that of all things was the final straw; given the accusations against him, Porter would clearly be a blackmail risk for any administration.

Over the next few days, many of these questions will be answered, as will the question of Kelly’s future in the White House—reportedly “isolated” in the West Wing, it seems unlikely that he will survive the week. Kelly was brought in to impose order on a chaotic White House, but he has clearly failed in this primary responsibility—while the president continues to hate-tweet over Big Macs, Kelly has lied about the comments of a sitting U.S. representative, called immigrants who didn’t sign up for DACA lazy, and in the case of the Porter scandal, failed to take action on a cut-and-dry situation. Kelly had months to remove Porter from his position, the only obvious action to take. There were, moreover, numerous arguments for doing so—not only were the allegations against Porter heinous, but they clearly presented a national security risk. As with nearly all scandals in Trumpland, this one was almost entirely of the administration’s own making., set News , Photos, Profile, Video, Artist & Celebrity World complete.

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