Swindlers, Crooks And American Hustlers: 20 Films About Con Men

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Darren Criss on Not Whitewashing Half-Filipino Andrew Cunanan In ‘Versace’ — Turn It On Podcast

The fact that Criss shared an ethnic background with Cunanan was serendipitous for the “American Crime Story” producers when casting the role.

> Sundance Questions: Here’s What We’re Wondering as the 2018 Festival Begins — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast

Screen Talk, episode 182: Who will spend money on big movies in Park City this year — and which ones will get left out in the cold?

> Everything You Need to Know About the Oscar Race on the Day the Ballots Are Due — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast

Screen Talk, episode 181: With the Golden Globes behind us and the DGA nominations arriving as the first Oscar votes are due, the state of the race is clearer than ever. Or is it?

> Dylan McDermott and Steve Levitan on ‘LA To Vegas,’ The Fate of Fox, Derbel McDillet And That Porn ‘Stache — Turn It On Podcast

McDermott also dishes on how he and comedic rival Dermot Mulroney are used to being confused for each other, but early on almost had to change their names.

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Swindlers, Crooks And American Hustlers: 20 Films About Con Men
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