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Three of the actresses (Lawrence, Theron and Roberts), aka 30 percent of the list, are Oscar winners.

Matthew McConaughey, who even behind the wheel for Lincoln is only No. 19 this year with $18 million, is the sole Oscar winner (for acting, anyway), though there are nominees such as Depp, Downey Jr.,

Tom Cruise and

Will Smith. Affleck and

Matt Damon (No. 3 with $55 million) won for writing Good Will Hunting back in 1998 and Affleck added a Best Picture Oscar for being an executive-producer of Argo in 2014.

There are more spectacular flops on the men's side, such as Depp's Through the Looking Glass and

Mark Wahlberg's Ted 2. But their upfront fees on average are higher, even if their back-end box office deals don't add up to as much as they'd projected. And overall, men are the faces of more franchises, they have more to say and more to do

And while you may have guessed on your own, a 2014 Journal of Management Inquiry study on age, gender and compensation in Hollywood found that female stars have a smaller window, age-wise, in which they're at the top of their earnings game. Sure enough, no one on the actress list is over 50, while Jackie Chan is 61; the No. 4-paid gentleman, Tom Cruise, is 54; Depp is 52; Downey Jr. is 51. (The ladies' window is widening slightly, however, with five of the actresses being over 40, although Lawrence is 26.), index latest News this day of events, accidents, crime, law, News unique, Politics, and special reports on the world and International.

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