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I ought to make one thing clear – I’m not a supporter of the Democrats. I’m an observer for the UK who is interested in US politics because UK politics is boring. Sure, UK politics is a car wreck, but US politics is two trucks smashing together, one full of plutonium and fireworks and the other one laden with napalm and plastic explosives, while on fire, in a minefield. It’s a *lot* more entertaining to watch than ours.

That said, I don’t have a horse in the race. Neither side is “mine”. I’m pretty sure that whoever wins, Britain won’t suddenly lose an ally, and other than my investments in US companies I don’t really think it’ll change my life much.

However, I dislike irrationality and hypocricy. I dislike people using terms they know nothing about, or jumping into lunatic conspiracy theories about secret muslim plots fifty or sixty years ago to infiltrate one of their own super agents as a baby into the US because they knew that it was obvious in the 1960s that the US would be electing a black man as president, so they impregnated some American woman with muslim genes that made Hussein (remember to snarl that word with hate, after all it’s his middle name and there’s nothing racist about using it as if it were some kind of insult, anymore than calling Michael Chang Smith ‘Chang’ in a hateful tone would be racist) come to power 50 years later as their secret muslim supervillain agent. Except that he’s an illegal immigrant too. Or something.

I dislike hearing any political group blindly assuming that god is on their side, of their nationality and economically agrees with them; that god would send floods and hurricanes and earthquakes to warn people to elect his chosen representative. Which reminds me, it’s been clearly established with uncontestable evidence that god has chosen Michele Bachmann to be your president – why are Rick Perry and Romney directly and deliberately opposing the will of god? (Damn I’d love to here one of your debate moderators ask that question! “Do you think Bachmann is nuts, or did she really hear the voice of god, and if so, why are you opposing her?”)

I dislike the linking of Evangelical/Baptist Christianity with guns guns guns with fiscal conservatism with anti-evolutionism with the hypocracy of demanding that some amendments to the constition are sacred and right but others should be ignored because they are obviously not sacred and wrong with anti-evolution, anti-science, anti heliocentricism, with demanding certain types of human relationship be banned or discouraged with strong government intervention in your bedroom but no government intervention in toxic waste or in forcing you to accurately label your products… I’m a fiscal conservative. I see nothing wrong in allowing homosexuals to marry. This is, apparently, a nearly impossible position in today’s US politics. At best that would label me a ‘RINO’, at worst a commie. To be a modern day Republican you must be willing to sign lunatic pledges to do things like amend the constitution to make it impossible to borrow money or raise taxes; which means that either your sworn word of honour means nothing, or that you would have let the USA go crashing down in World War 2 rather than borrow to pay for its army.

So yeah, I’m not a fan of your Republican party. I’m also not a particular fan of your Democrats, who have a stack of corruption and uselessness issues a mile tall, but at this current time they do seem, except for their fringes, to at least have some sort of idea what planet they’re standing on and whether or not it’s flat. Their crystal healing all-viewpoints-are-equally-valid never-punish-a-child-in-any-way-because-you’ll-hurt-it’s-self-esteem loonies tend to be on the fringes of the party, currently; their majority is spineless but mostly kind-of-sort-of reality based.

Why the hell wouldn’t Americans vote for someone who stood up and said “I believe in balancing personal liberty with the common good; I believe in keeping government out of people’s private lives, including their bedrooms; I believe in a careful program to bring the enormously complex budget deficit issue slowly under control, and not a one-line magic wand solution. I believe that observed reality should trump doctrine, whether it be political doctrine or religious doctrine. I believe that those who, through no fault of their own, are unable to feed their families should not have to turn to crime or watch them die; I believe that those who attempt to grow fat on the back of the taxpayer, whether benefit cheat or companies charging $500 for a hammer, should be punished”?, Site News Today\\\'s world Presenting Daily News News News Politics, Business, Sports Up Celebrity Gossip.

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The increasingly antiscience Republican candidates
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The increasingly antiscience Republican candidates
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