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Forget 50/50 tickets and bake sales. The new fundraising craze started in Inuvik caught on in Newfoundland and Labrador in a big way, making national headlines and attracting thousands to the parish of St. Kevin’s in the Goulds, all looking for a shot at the elusive ace.

Over a period of months the pot grew until by late August it was close to an unheard-of $3-million.


But the chase was not without its bumps. Crowds that dwarfed the St. John’s Regatta made life difficult for the small group of parish volunteers, and traffic in and out of the area was at a standstill the day of each draw.

In July, a printer’s error led to multiple tickets printed with the same number, postponing the entire thing.


With the deck dwindling and school year approaching, the decision was made to end the fundraiser one way or another at the end of August. Finally after two draws, Don and Marg Gorman from CBS pulled the ace and $2,605,451, which they said they’d be sharing with friends.

But the real winners were the members of St. Kevin’s, who after the dust settled hauled in almost $6-million, and a long earned rest.


Your Call Cannot Be Completed as Dialed


Calls were dropped, texts failed, and tweets left untwittered as thousands of customers of Bell, Koodo, Virgin and Telus found themselves without service after “third party construction work” cut the cable connecting much of Atlantic Canada’s telecommunications on what came to be known as “the Day the Cell Phones Died”.

While there were plenty of jokes to be made, particularly at the expense of net-savvy “millennial” culture, businesses and banks were forced to shut down, and the incident raised serious concerns about connectivity and accessibility of emergency services.

Association of Fire Services President Duane Antle said it was a wake up call for rescue crews who depend on cell phones when responding to situations.

“What’s Your Policy on Updog?”


Candidates took to social media to promote themselves for the September municipal elections, but didn’t always reckon with how foolish social media can actually be.

Former St. John’s mayor and chair of the PUB Andy Wells made another bid for the big chair at city hall, and frequently employed Twitter as a platform to weigh in on issues and answer questions. One of those came from user Sean J, who simply asked “What is your policy on updog?” leading to what some called the greatest moment in the history of Newfoundland politics.

What’s your policy on Updog?

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Year in Review 2017 – August: Face to Face with Chase the Ace
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